Integrated Information System for Passenger

Multimodal transport supports public transport based on many carriers and transport types

Comfortable solution for passengers!

Have you ever wondered while standing at the bus stop...
Has the bus already left or will it still come?
Maybe it is better not to wait for a late bus and use a city bike or rent a car for 5 minutes? - the integrated passenger information system will allow you easily check on the map where is your bus, nearest bike or shared city car is.

  • The only requirement is a phone or computer with a web browser
  • The current location of vehicles on the website
  • Available public transportation options on one screen
  • No matter where you are, you always use the same web page
  • Clean and clear interface
  • Additional information about traffic handicaps
  • On-demand stops support

Modern solution for carriers! enables transport organizers to quickly deploy Dynamic Passenger Information to their customers.
This is an online service which after purchasing allows you immediately to present on the map the current location of your vehicles, along with the location of stops and bus stations. The carrier gains an easy and quick way to communicate changes in traffic patterns and traffic disruptions. In addition, carrier receives the ability to handle on-demand stops, cell payment for the tickets, and tracking and managing fleet options.

  • Easy and quick implementation
  • Scalable solution to your needs (based on subscription fee)
  • One interactive map with location of vehicles
  • Access to current and archived vehicle routes
  • No hardware requirements - just a driver smartphone
  • Flexible implementation of timetables
  • Information about waiting passengers at on-demand bus stop

We integrate systems

Public transport

Information on the current location about public, suburban, intercity and international vehicles available on a single tabi.promap.
Easy access, for passengers, to scheduled departures and timetables.


City bikes

Information about location of the city bikes stations and the number and type of available bicycles. For some city bike operators it is possible to locate single bicycles at different points of the city.


Shared use of rental/city cars

about the location of cars, scooters, etc., which can be rented for a short time.


Make passengers love you

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