Integrated Information System for Passenger


Cloud service

Our service is provided in the Software as a Service model and there is no charge for the presentation of the data. The implementation cost is small (in most cases equal to zero). Operational costs are limited to the subscription fee and depend on the scale of services provided (e.g. vehicle presentation time on the map).

Ease of implementation

Implementing the solution comes down to buying the service, deploying schedules, and launching a vehicle tracking application.
For larger carriers, integration with other systems should be also considered.

Open architecture

The open architecture of the system, allows it to be hooked up to existing IT solutions and does not require dependence on a single vendor. It also provides ease of integration with other applications.

Dynamic passenger information provides an easy way to implement a solution that allows passengers to see the current location of vehicles along with bus stops location on the map.
Just use our application on the driver's phone or already installed GPS transmitters.

The most important information on the phone

On the site, the passenger has access to information of the current position of vehicles and such data as: timetables, planned departures resulting from the actual location, number of city bikes available at the station or fuel level available in the rental car.


The application works on any mobile device including Passenger phones.
It can also act as an information screen at the bus stop or inside the vehicle.

Functions service

From a user perspective, solution consists of an application installed on the driver's phone and a web portal providing information about vehicles (or other objects)...
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Thanks to, passengers have the ability to see information about timetables, planned departures and the actual location of urban and suburban vehicles on the map. At the same time information about city cars...
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Implementing, the carrier can provide to passengers dynamic information system and use on-demand bus stops option (implemented on bus and bus stop)...
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In addition

One platform allows to integrate unrelated systems: eg. public transport, private suburban carriers, city bikes rental ...
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Software as a Service is a Dynamic Information System for the Passenger provided in the Software as a Service model. This solution does not require ...
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Ease of use stands for simplicity and usability, both for the operator (e.g. transport company) and for passengers. On the vehicle side...
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Social media channel can become a platform to facilitate interaction with passengers and customers. It can be a place to share carrier ratings, etc.

Versatility is a solution that allows implementation and usage everywhere where immediate feedback about...
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Business analysts support

Implementing system, we are not limited to one-time contact with the client...
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Implementation process

Small carriers

Entering routes and timetables

Create an account on the portal and enter routes and timetables.

Warning! This step requires a contact with the team.
Contact us.

Application download

Download and run the driver application.

Warning! This step requires a contact with
Contact us.

Start sharing information

Immediately after launching the application, the vehicle along with information about route, timetable etc. becomes available on the web site for your passengers.

Large transport companies, cities,
city bikes and car rentals

Recognizing customer needs

This is a phase of gathering and identifying customer and end-user requirements.
Environmental, hardware and system architecture requirements are taken into account.
Contact us.


New system integration with present customer environment.

This is the stage where vehicles, timetables, and other carrier-specific elements are added to common platform.

System implementation

The implementation of the system for the customer and end-customers is done invasively for the current solutions and customer systems.
Both, during and after system launch, provides any necessary coaching and technical support.

Survey results on preferences in public transport


From October 11th to 13th 2016 ee participated as an exhibitor in 13th The International Fair of Public Transport TRANSEXPO in Kielce.
164 exhibitors presented their products, and the exhibition was visited by over 5,000 visitors.

On March 11th 2017 we supported Koderek conference organisation, which goal was to promote IT and to establish link between IT professionals and students.
On the same day, were held professional lectures, workshops for children and adults, and hackathon - computer coding marathon.

May 16 - 20th 2017 we participated in InfoShare 2017. was selected as one of the top 20 projects in the InfoShare Startup Contest 2017!

May 23rd 2017 we were present on ABSL Start-up Challenge. During the conference in Lodz, got third place among the starups!

July 19th 2017 supported event Szkoła 3.0. The event not only ended and summed up the year of learning for the youngest, but once again we gave kids a dose of valuable IT knowledge!